We offer a wide range of expert services specifically tailored to meet the requirements of healthcare providers. We are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that optimize financial performance and streamline operations.

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management is an important financially driven process in healthcare that allows providers to receive reimbursement for care in a timely and efficient manner.

Medical Billing

Our experienced staff handles your entire billing process, from claim creation and submission to aggressive follow up, denial management, appeals, payment posting and reporting.

Medical Coding

Our medical coding services are focused on accuracy and speed. We provide highest quality standards of coding as our team is proficient in CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS codes and NCCI edits and assign the most accurate codes for services provided.

Credentialing & Enrollment

We ensure that you are appropriately credentialed and enrolled in the participating health plans, in turn allowing your practice to be streamlined with insurance companies.

Medical Documentation

We aid providers in the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and offer training and support to ensure efficient healthcare delivery.

Analytics & Reporting

Our team of RCM financial specialists can improve your practice with fast and reliable analytics to offer comprehensive analysis with latest reports so you can have better understanding of your practice and make smart data driven decisions.

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